Friday Favs – Chicago

I was in Chicago for Labor Day weekend and thought I’d share some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!

DSCN0424 20140828_165228

 DSCN0432 20140828_201125



This Made My Day

I was going to do something completely different for my Friday Fav, but this made my day and put the biggest cheese grin on my face.

I was walking from the subway to Starbucks as is my morning ritual and noticed this fella staring at me. I admit I’m not the best at social cues, so I kept on course for my morning cup of coffee. unbeknownst to me he was going to Starbucks too. He held the door for me all the while staring and smiling. I got a little concerned because I thought maybe I was improperly dressed or maybe I had some brocoli or spinach stuck in my teeth or somehow I sprouted another head or a boob had somehow lept out of my blouse. I didn’t know what to think. Continue reading