Banned Books Week 2014

September 21-27 is Banned Books Week. I’m going to dedicate the entire month of September to bring awareness that we need to celebrate the freedom to read and that by banning books ideas and creativity are stifled instead of just one week.

I willΒ read the following novels, review them and discuss why they were banned.

1984-by-George-Orwell Caged-Bird


To Kill a Mockingbird


3 thoughts on “Banned Books Week 2014

  1. Maybe you should consider adding the Bible, not from a religious perspective, but it has been banned from many a public school, and some public libraries.

    Another one recently banned, are the collective works of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Though, I understand there are edited works with the objectionable parts removed.

    I have read a couple of the books on your list, sad to consider them as banned.


    • Had no idea that the Bible was banned from public libraries. Interesting and sad.

      I did think about adding it and after I saw a program on television about banned books of the Bible, which I thought was interesting. But that is something I would want to do more research into.

      I plan on dedicating all of next month to banned books, so perhaps I’ll add in that way. I just have to figure out the angle and how many days as I don’t think one day will be enough.

      And thanks for the follow. πŸ™‚


      • With regards to the “banned books of the Bible”, don’t buy into they hype. The books have been known for centuries, and were never banned, at least not in the sense that we have here. Before moveable type books were expensive, most churches didn’t even have a complete set of what we know of as the Bible, most simply had the 27 books of the New Testament. Choices had to be made about what to include and what not to, and the reason was simple: so all of the churches were teaching from the same material. Look at our school system, no matter what country you are from, there is an accepted set of books…most schools (in US) use either those approved by Texas or California, simply because it’s easier and cheaper. The Bible was the same, just for reasons on consistency.

        The books that were rejected have always been available for reading in seminaries, monasteries, etc. But, since most people couldn’t read, they were not widely read or published, even after moveable type.

        Some are just downright stupid as well. One book, for example, has a child Jesus pushing a friend off the top of a building to kill him, then going down and brining him back to life. Another has Jesus, again as a child, forming a bird out of clay then brining it to life.

        Others have good teachings, but either had nothing really new or different to make them worth including, or, as in most cases, authorship couldn’t be verified, so it was decided not to include them.

        However, truth doesn’t make good press, or attract viewers.


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